CEO’s Talk

MS. Bhanu Priyanka

When I think of, “what is good education” a quote that comes to my mind is that by John Fitzgerald Kennedy, that I think encapsulates what good education is all about:

“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.”

There will always be arguments about what is taught in schools. The line on what is good education seems to keep moving. With common, core and year-round schools coming into vogue these days, schools are a very different place than, when you and I were children. Education 50 years from now will be even more different. I imagine 3-D display classrooms, with a ton of technology streamlining learning.

However, today Education seems to be merely an academic achievement and the much-valued Value System, seems to have taken a back seat!
Instilling values in children is among the cornerstones of every society. There is a wide agreement that beyond academic teaching, schools play an important role in shaping a child’s character, instilling in them values such as honesty, trust, curiosity, achievement, benevolence, and citizenship. Educational institutions, individual teachers and parents, must work to uncover and understand the values that are being taught as well as to design the entire educational experience to foster these values that will help make for a sustainable and healthy future of our children.

National Public School comes not just with a brand name but the very name stands for Values, Discipline and Academics. The school aims at instilling in children a deep-rooted sense of values. The truth is that parents and teachers must accept this responsibility, in order to support healthy morals and ethics for our families. Therefore, let us as one big family of DPS walk together to build a healthy family and a healthy nation.

In the service of educational world.

CEO Ms. Bhanu Priyanka