Scholastic Curriculum


Scholastic Curriculum

Durga Prasad School has grown into one of the progressive premier educational institutions since its inception in the year 1994. The strength of each section is limited to facilitate individual attention and care. The main focus of the school is to provide each student a stimulating and eco-friendly environment to strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem to be a global citizen of the 21 century. We believe that the greatest wealth of the country is its healthy and contributing citizens. The school has formulated guidelines safeguarding students from cyber-crime, handling emergencies and disasters, retaining their physical, emotional and personal safety.
The uniqueness of each student is nurtured by providing exposure and opportunities in both scholastic and co- curricular areas with an emphasis on character building. The curriculum is also enhanced to reinforce integration across academic disciplines, helping students make connections within and outside the classroom. The school is consistently striving to be an institution of global excellence and ensures to make the process of learning enriching, effective and experiential.

Kindergarten Programme

The Primary & Middle School Curriculum

The Secondary School Curriculum