Is it a CBSE affiliated school?

No, its affiliated to State board. Our school in Samalkot is affiliated to CBSE.

Do you have Nursery & play school?

We are happy to announce that we started our Nursery & play school from this academic year.

What is the age criteria for Nursery & play school?

he age criteria for Nursery & play school is between 2 to 3 yrs.

Are the children studying here are eligible to get minority scholarships?

Yes. They can apply it online when announced. School will provide necessary documents.

Does the school impart special sports training?

Yes, for all interested student from morning 8Am to 8.30 Am & evening from 4.30 to 5.30 Pm absolutely free of cost.

Do you sent your kids to outside & state competitions?


Are you having any NCC or National Scouts & guides wing in your school?

Yes we have applied for necessary permissions expected in 2 or 3 months.

Do you have the house system?

Yes all the children are grouped into 4 houses & all co-curricular activities are conducted house wise.

Do you have hostel facility?

Yes from grade 1 to grade 10

Do you follow state board books?

We follow books made on state board curriculum
Pre school – little sparks by brain mapping.
1 to 5 grades – Pearson books
6 to 10 grades – state board books.

Do you have school alumni?

The school is 23 years old & hence have a strong alumnus who support the school in many ways.

Do you have transport facility?

The school has its own fleet of buses running in 3 different routes & students are charged at reasonable rates.

Do you conduct study hours?

Yes guided study hours are conducted for grade 10 children by the subject teachers under the supervision of the principal.

Do you have computers as a subject in your curriculum?

In order to make our kids techno savvy computers is a compulsory subject from Grade 1 onwards.

Do you have labs in your school?

Yes we do have language lab, science lab, Math lab, Social science lab ,2 AV rooms working ful fledged in the campus.

Do you identify children of special needs & train them separately?

Yes, children with Dyslexia & ADH are identified & special teaching methodologies are used to solve the learning disabilities.