Kadambari Priya. A


School is that driving force which initiates within a child the faith to take the first steps of knowledge with confidence and instills and sustains in them the curiosity and passion to have quest for learning and zeal for life.

A child is like a young tender plant which needs to be taken care by giving the right nourishment at the right time to unfold and bring out the hidden treasure lying within the child thereby to develop a blooming personality in a simple, soothing, stimulating and interactive teaching and learning environment which is school itself.. It is a place for adults and children to work together in a learning program which is about life itself, where they become discoverers and explorers of both the inner and outer worlds.

The school essentially provides an environment that brings out an all-round development, discovering the true spirit of JOY OF LEARNING, awakening and illuminating their intellect in multi-dimensional ways thus preparing the child to inculcate abiding values in themselves.

We believe that “PARENT IS THE FIRST TEACHER & TEACHER IS A SECOND PARENT “ and work for the same in all our educational practices. We build a motivating & a stress free environment where every child is nurtured to use his full potentials.

In pursuit of quality education

Principal Kadambari Priya. A
Mcom, MBA, B.Ed, CICTT