School Facilities


The Classrooms are large and well ventilated with white/black boards and bulletin boards inside and outside the classrooms.
Strength of each class is kept at manageable level with comfortable furniture which adds to the ambience of the class room.

Computer Lab

A Computer Lab with internet connection to source the websites for educational material.
Computer classes start from Grade 1 onwards. Internet can be accessed by students in presence of a teacher only.


I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand……Confucius

Labs are especially designed for the students to get hands on experience in science and to make learning fun.


“The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics.” – Paul Halmos

A well-equipped Maths lab provides the students with the opportunity to have fun with numbers. It helps the students to put their mathematical abilities to test and enhance their analytical reasoning and lateral thinking through various models, games and activities.


It is equipped with numerous wall maps, models, charts and other teaching aids to enhance the learning process. The room also has audio-visual facility which makes learning of Social Science in school truly interesting.


A Play Area helps students to rejuvenate and intermingle. The Jungle Gym at DPS is a play structure for students in the Primary Grades. It is an outdoor recreational equipment that includes swing sets and slides. The area helps children to develop physical coordination, strength and flexibility. The gym provides recreation and enjoyment.


Library is the main resource center of DPS.
It has a seating capacity of 60 students.

It mainly contains text books, reference books, fiction titles, periodicals, audio visual material like CD and VCD’s and teaching resources.

There is a special reading programme which encourages the children to read the recommended library books.


The Reception area of the school is warm and welcoming. The area showcases the achievements of the students. The gleaming Trophies of the students which adorn the area are testimony to our students’ remarkable achievements. The warm and charming staff here provide a positive and welcoming environment.


Yoga is the practice of quietening the mind’- Patanjali.

Students of the school enjoy every moment of this quietening of the mind and perform various asanas in the yoga room, under the expert guidance of a yoga teacher. They are also trained to perform during International Yoga Day and Sports Day.


HealthCare Room in the school provides first-aid and care to students when required. The room has four beds with basic medical facilities. A qualified school nurse provides first aid and medical care to students who, while in school, suddenly take ill. Hospital is at our arms stretch in case of any medical emergency.

Audio Visual room

The learners and the facilitators use the audio-visual room extensively. For deeper understanding of the topics, the school uses the visual medium of instruction/ interaction. Teachers use Power Point, Flash animation and other educational CDs during their presentations which enhance topic-comprehension by catering to multiple intelligences of learners. Faculty generated CDs as well as commercially available CDs, DVDs, and VCDs are used for teaching. Computer aided teaching sessions give our learners the winning edge in a competitive world. Students present their projects on chosen topics to their peers. A research-oriented approach is encouraged and frequent analysis of projects help students orient themselves with the rapidly changing requirements of the world outside.

Guidance and Counselling

Qualified and experienced teachers act as counsellors and provide assistance for children with respect to learning, emotional and behavioural differences/difficulties observed in school. The children are referred to the counsellors by the class teachers and a preliminary assessment of the situation is made. Help is offered in terms of counselling and guiding students and parents. The counsellors also suggest suitable interventional remedies to handle difficulties. The capability and the outreach of the counsellors in the school are limited to an initial assessment of the issue.

0ther Facilities

Language labs, RO water facility, Hygienic washrooms, parent WhatsApp group, Student management software.