Our happy parents

T. Satya Ramesh

I am very happy with our decision to entrust Durga Prasad School, Jagannaickpur with our daughter’s schooling.

The School encourages excellence. The kids have a rich and vibrant exposure to both academics and culture. They are encouraged to pursue their talents and dreams and also benchmark with the best. I have found the staff warm, enthusiastic, dedicated and as much involved with the students as much as we parents are. In these times when money power corrupts young minds, the school activity discourages the show of ostentation and rewards only merit. This is very healthy and I feel secure and confident that my daughter will grow up with a well-rounded personality and the right value system.

Md. Shehenaz

In the development and character of a child, the school which the child is attending plays an equally if not more important role as the parents. Ever since our children Durga Prasad School, Jagannaickpur ,they have been constantly looking forward to taking part in various activities of the school, be it the curricular or the extra- curricular. The school has played a critical role in providing the opportunities, encouragement and guidance in moulding their upbringing. As parents, we always look forward to a school, which will fulfill the aspirations of our children in full measure, identify and nurture their talents, provide a sound and solid academic foundation.

Needless to say, we consider ourselves lucky to have found Durga Prasad School, Jagannaickpur for our children’s all round development to become responsible and patriotic citizens of this great nation.

S. Srinivas

The best part of having both our children studying at Durga Prasad School, Jagannaickpur
from the very beginning is that we never had to bother much about their wholesome growth and education.

The excellent school community and faculty members have been able to provide complete environment, which has ensured that both of them are turning out to be confident, self- reliant, intelligent and positive in their attitude towards life. The school has been able to nurture their talents and mould our kids into becoming fine, disciplined, enthusiastic young citizens of this world.

The decision to put our kids into Durga Prasad School, Jagannaickpur was the best ever and we would not have fathomed our children studying elsewhere.

P Venkatesh

Under the supervision and guidance of professional, caring and well organized teacher, Durga Prasad school has proven to be best for all the children who are seeking better career. I choose Durga Prasad as it was best and I am very happy being part of It. I would like to request every parents to admit children here for their better future.

Our happy teachers

Md. Rahima Sultana Biology Teacher

In the past 23 years I have been with the students of DPS. It has been a wonderful journey throughout. The apt words to describe my experiences would be exciting, interesting, joyous and beautiful. Every morning I look forward to the sweet, innocent faces that greet me. I hope this journey continues for a very long time.

R. Mani Kindergarten

I have been teaching in the Kindergarten for 10 years and each year is more fruitful and satisfying. Meeting a lively bunch of 3 to 6 year olds every morning makes each moment bright. Little children are refreshingly honest and enchantingly innocent and teaching them has in return taught me a lot.

Shankar Rao V

When I reflect on my teaching experience at Durga Prasad School, Jagannaickpur I infer that the experience has only made me a better teacher. At no other school have I found teachers and students more engaged. DPS clearly takes a lot of care in developing its teachers and students. Their teaching methodology is a blend of new age techniques and conventional teaching. It provides a wide variety of professional development workshops (for teachers to enhance their teaching skills) and mentors for new teachers. It is like a second home, where one feels welcomed and appreciated. Teachers are committed to the success of every child. There is a lot I can imbibe from and apply in my teaching. Everyday is a new opportunity here.

My aim is to prepare my students to be successful in their school years and to be life-long learners. I hope I stay committed to my goals and like other DPS teachers impart quality education.

K. Sada Siva Rao

To me, Durga Prasad School, Jagannaickpur is the right place where teachers can use their profound experience and knowledge to shape the future of children. DPS follows a structured approach with a well-defined curriculum to impart education. Equal emphasis is given to co-curricular and co-scholastic fields which helps in the overall development of the child. DPS embraces the latest in technology while keeping in mind the traditional values. Children achieve a holistic growth which has helped them to be placed in some of the finest institutions across the world.

Our happy students

Pepakayala Vijay

I had studied in this school from 2011 to 2015..I also stayed in hostel for these five years. Excellent hostel facility. And great education faculty. Most appreciable persons are Mr.dugra Prasad and Mrs. Sita devi garu as they stayed all the day along with hostelers and their support for good education and cultural activities.I have learned many things from here.thanks to my school.


I love DPPS school very much. .

Sk.Shabbir Ali

Haiii this is Shabbir ali 2013 batch.This is a best school ever for a bright future and discipline of a students.they are perfect faculty..in this school.I miss u durga Prasad public school.


This is one of the best school in kakinada to give and share knowledge from teachers and from students. I specially thankful to all Maths & Science teachers.

N. Sandeep

Hi I am Sandeep of 2006 batch… we had an excellent atmosphere in our school… the relationship b/w students and teachers is very good… in that school you will find an extraordinary person who will teach not only by books but also by his deeds…. a student may or may not be successful in his studies but in this school he will definitely inculcate good habits…. when i was in the hostel I felt like I am at my home….

Kiran Manepalli

I am Kiran Manepalli from Nashville tn USA (kakinada AP India)My best schools in kakinada. Had a blast during my school days. I can never forget my memories in my school with hetal Mehta.