The curriculum builds on the spirit of exploration. We provide a challenging academic curriculum, coupled with a very supportive group of facilitators.


  • The Foundation Years has been developed focusing on 7 core areas of learning: Telugu English Language, Hindi , Math, Science and Social Studies. and Information Technology. 
  • The other areas developed are Music and Movement & Art. Both these areas will seek to integrate with the core areas so that they support the core areas and become more meaningful to the learner. 
  • Use of technology both by the teacher and student has been emphasized throughout the curriculum, making it a forward-looking document, preparing and developing student thinking for the world of tomorrow. 
  • The curriculum aims to engage all students, while enthusing and challenging them.
  • The curriculum is aimed to equip students with a set of life skills which will help them to become what they are meant to be sensitive, caring, intelligent persons who are a credit to all who have had a hand in their upbringing.
  • The curriculum brings both the adults and students to work together on a common plane in a soothing, stimulating & interactive learning environment which is about life itself, where they become discoverers and explorers of both the inner and outer worlds.
  • The curriculum is designed in such a manner that it produces the students who know their subjects well, having absorbed every learning module with interest and not by force.
  • The curriculum gets more defined and specific as children move up the ladder.
  • The curriculum is integrative in its approach and enriching in its quality.
  • Responsibility of grooming up the personality of each student.
  • Perfect balance of both indoor & outdoor activities of each student.
  • Special Emphasis on Sports.

Books : we follow the coveted Pearson books from class 1 to 5 & state Board books for classes 6 to 8.